Monday, March 14, 2016


I have been uninspired for almost a week. The progress on the problem statement that I have to write also is very very slow. What has gotten into me? So, today I practically rummage through all my files and starting sorting out papers. These papers have nothing to do with my research. It is just miscellaneous things that you have when you are an adult.

Bills, receipts, account statements, and all the other shitty stuff.

Done all the sorting and filing, I actually felt a lot better. Then, I got reminded of my room back in my hometown that is totally unorganized since I relocated in 2014. All those files on the book rack are now considered obsolete. My hands are actually itching to get it sorted right now. But that means I have to fly 1019 miles to be back in Tamparuli.

Ah, I better focus on my thesis for now. Can't be procrastinating too much anymore. I just need to get my life in KL to be sorted out. Messy la this thesis work thingy. Sigh!

I need motivation!

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