Thursday, May 31, 2007


If you realized this year's Miss Universe was monopolized by the ASIAN beauties..INDIA, KOREA, THAILAND, JAPAN made it to the TOP 10.

Emerging as the winner for Miss Photogenic title is Ms Phillipines

And Miss Congeniality is Ms China

Of course the ultimatum is Miss Universe 2007 title goes to Ms JAPAN!!!

ASIAN RULES! This proves that our exotic and unique looks in Asia is something that can be considered as true beauty..hehe..don't you agree with me?

*by the way, tidak lawa kan de Miss Malaysia compared to our South East Asian Beauties...bida her face..sangat2 sangat bida!..aunty sa lagi cantik dari dia tau..haha* i tot my pandangan onli me alone rupa-rupanya also ramai orang thinks like in this blog.dunno why she can represent Malaysia with that face..HMM..No wonder langsung tidak dipandang oleh judges..

Tinguk ni Miss India pun ..lawa juga..

Nah na Miss USA yang nokosumpak (slipped @landed on her butt) atas pentas

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