Sunday, December 02, 2007

gurl power!

my eyes is so eyes is not eyes still can read

yep..I actually stayed up late..reading blogs (just read about Daphne Iking gave birth to a beautiful baby girl)...this is a sign of how un-updated am i...and now just wanna update my blog...
daphne in pink..a pregger but still smokin..

I guess if my blog is in a form of a book it wud be in a state of full of spiderwebs and dusts...

M just killing time by surfing the net, I come across hannah tan's page, she is my idol by the way. just loved the way she looks and how toned is her body.. (I so want a body like hers)
But her recent look with the blonde and dunno-wat-kind-of-dead thing is up on her head hair colour is rather too flamboyant. Her picture below depicts the demure and intelligent side of her..which I think is better

and Kimora Lee Simmons also another fashion icon whom I admire the most despite her antics that could drive people crazy..she is definitely fabulous...and hey, she is SO tall! on top of it her looks is very exotic..half african-american, a quarter korean and another quarter complicated is that?

and this is totally a no no for me...uhm not problem with her inverted bob as well.

but its jolin tsai , the copy cat for image that shud be under arrest. her new look with her new video , i think copied rihanna's style a lot..thumbs down for copycats...booooooooo
and the anticipated reunion of all time...the spice girls is set to come back..will blog on this next time i guess..check out the shoes that they are like it!

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