Saturday, December 01, 2007

tranquility in my mind

I guess this is what I need...some total relaxation. Picture perfect sunset on the horizon, winds blowing softly caressing your face...*&^*(^(^(*)(*#$%^..Blah!

Never did happen...Got also but am working in that kind of setting. Picture above is the sunset at my working place..Nothing much to be enjoyed if you are actually working there and NOT having holiday.

Life had been rather hectic for the past few months (it shows when I don't even have time to blog). Apart from that my PC is now a HUGE bummer...malas and very lazy to function normally, so THANK God for the existence of my sister's laptop I could type this post now

A quick update on me: (yes i know ppl dun read blabbering post)

*I am fat now..when I stand on the scale the the pointer tipped to the number that I don't wanna see

*I was challenged by my colleagues to lose weight (the fastest in 2 weeks or at least before xmas)..Yeah Right! Someone also did promised to give me RM50 for each inch that I lose.. I guess they all know that I cant do this,...but wait! I am trying my best to prove them wrong!!! haha (fingers crossed actually)

*December is here and christmas is just around the corner, let alone it is now the high season for rasa ria...damn lots of people will be flooding in and cause a lot of havoc especially at the my work station...Oh Lord please give me the patience to deal with this people!

*Rasa ria ocean wing is opening on this 20th of december..can't wait. Its just great to be part of the team for the pre-opening and opening of this latest extension of rasa ria. but it definitely means greater challenge though

*Christmas carols at my area will start this monday but ermmm...dun think can join this year. Some more there are lots of younger kids joining in and made me one of the most senior member in the group...PERGH!

*and am gonna miss someone A LOT starting this december ... *Ooo, I am leaving on a jet plane don't know when I'll be back again....huhuhu :(

A lot of changes will happen this many and the things that was revealed here is only half it...well its about time also la..everything happens for the best.

also taking this opportunity to wish one and all, a very HAPPY ADVENT!

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