Sunday, December 02, 2007

party like a rock star!

this one was the most recent happenings..*not so recent la, but I took such a long time to post this. It was the RRR staff party, I dunno why-in-the-world they pick the Hard Rock Theme. But it was lots of fun though.

*dressed to kill*
just random pictures...below is me boss and my colleagues letting their hair is a bunch rock stars wanna be who never made it to the main stream market, remain underground for throughout their fame...oops, and got one "koboi mabuk sana" him?

and...of course the lipsync competition...which..ehem...(drum rolls please)...WE WON! talk about attitude ...we top it all.recreation rules!black mermaid immortalised in black and white..

kinda lame though the name, but i guess the lame-ness made it noticeable..ahahaha!

and more random pics
faur, me , eric

me, lynn, sandra

and again look who I met the other day..

Yazer AF... which one looked more like a rock star? hehehe

and the aftermath of alcohols kaki gone wrong (except me ya)...hehehe...cheeers!

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Earthy Emily said...

Wah! Looking hot! I like ur fedora la...