Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tamparuli, Home Sweet Home

Recently, I got a chance to go back to my hometown. Although it was a short trip, it is always nice to get to see familiar faces around. I was back in Tamparuli to take care about a lot of other things regarding property lease and also the future of my career. Anyway, the couple of days at home was a refreshing few days as I get to enjoy the quite and peace of Tamparuli. I actually forgot how laidback and tranquil is my hometown. Sigh, I guess the city is changing me bit by bit. 

sunrise Tamparuli
Calm and peaceful view from the balcony. You can see mount Kinabalu at a distance.
white dog named Mantou
This is Mantou.

sunrise in Tamparuli

family room
Me and my sisters used to utilize this space so much. Jamming and practicing music. Now we are so busy with studies and career

Tom Yam Bakut
When I am back, this is a compulsory menu. I have to pay a visit to the shop at Bakut. Yummy!

Mee Tuaran Wun Chiap
Wun Chiap Fried noodle. People know this as Tuaran Noodle or Mee Tuaran

pretty cat
This is my pretty cat. Cholo Emilyana Fuentabella

Yeah, I miss Tamparuli so much!


beaty said...

hi there..

lama sda mau try Bakut but selalu x kesempatan ni..

Joan said...

Hi beaty! Ya, you should. worth the visit. sedap tu the tomyam