Friday, August 12, 2016

My Sembonia Wallet

sembonia brown wallet
New wallet!

sembonia brown wallet
Lotsa cards slots!

sembonia wallet wristlet
And more card slots!

sembonia wallet wristlet
Can even put a phone inside there!

This is like my first ever leather wallet. Yeah, I am not a grown up yet since I never owned anything "leather" - so now I am a grown up. Hahahaha. I bought at this Mitsui Outlet Park. It is so freaking far from the city but it is always worth a visit (especially when I have family members visiting and it is a good reason to drive all the way to the airport ).

According to sales person, this is not the latest collection as they have recently came up with a green and another funky color that I can't remember. Got it at MYR240 only (I think, can't exactly remember but its around that price). Retail is around MYR349 and on Sembonia website it is selling at RM279.20 (but not this brown color, brown is not available online anymore). 

My previous wallet was a Jelly Bunny wallet. The PU leather inside the wallet just doesn't last long and it started flaking after two years. Sembonia Calf Leather Continental Wristlet, let see you how you gonna perform.

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