Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Life in blur

Been trying to write more these days, be it for my thesis or perhaps writing lyrics. Yet, I always stumbled to a very high wall every time my phone beeps or a whatsapp comes in regarding work, business or any other things. Apparently, I have too many things on my plate now.

Seriously, managing the food court business remotely is not an easy feat especially when the idea is very very new to a place. Hawker style food court concept is very much accepted in West Malaysia but in Sabah itself, let alone Tamparuli. Hmmmm it's truly a challenge. Now, I do understand why change is uncomfortable especially to Tamparuli people. Complacency and resistance. These are the two things that made change is almost impossible.

Truth is I think people need to travel more and see what is there beyond their own comfort zone and self proclaimed horizon. The possibilities has no limit. Your mindset set the limit. The younger minds are still easy to influence but the older ones. Hmmm. Unless they are willing to break down the resistance wall, they will most likely rot with their backwards brain while living their life. Not to mention with their sour attitude while handling technology like social media. Trust me, those who talk cock and share shitty stuff on social medias are all these kind of people.

Back to my source of annoyance. Change affects someone's comfort zone. The hawker style food court concept is new. The most simple example of their ignorance is the basic thing about collecting payment upon serving the food. And trust me the learning curve is so steep that they have not figured it out until now. I hope the revelation will come to them soon. Or else I have to step in (again).

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