Monday, October 24, 2016

Proposal Defence!

Finally. Like since forever. Finally. I am being called in to defend my proposal next week. Thank God!

The thing is my plan for my research is very much like a kamikaze method already since I have been waiting for so long. All this queue-ing and what not. I already plan to just jump in the data acquisition phase without waiting for the approval from the faculty. This is because the school holiday is approaching soon and I don't really have much time. So much for all the planning and planning. Sometimes last minute just work better than anything. I think I just have to accept that!

Anyway, I already planned to go back to my school for conducting the research this 27th October since the students aka my samples will be having their exams until 27th. 28th October sounds like a good time to start. Lo and behold, guess what the?! The ministry decide to announce that 28th October is extra holiday for Deepavali. Luckily my samples said okay to having the program on the 28th as well. Okay, keeping my fingers crossed for their full cooperation. I will be depending my life so much on their goodwill.

SO, coming back to proposal defence. It is being scheduled on 31st October. WTH! Okay okay I know, beggars can't be choosers. Its better now than never. I have to buy another flight ticket to come back to KL for the presentation. All is good! All is good! I can do this. Come back to KL on 29th October and flying back to KK again on 31st itself as well as I need to continue on my data acquisition on the 1st of November.

Hello life! Hahaha. I am happy!


This really calm me down now. Hehe.

For any consolation. I know Christmas is coming soon. It is just around the corner.

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