Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bali memories

I dreamt to be a farmer in Tegal Sari, Ubud. Missing the good old days with the smell of mud next to home.
Swam in the private pool at the Villa Sesapi. Bliss. Still, I hate the scorching sun. I just don't really find joy in sunbathing.

Found the mind-blowing-heart-stopping-most-delicious-pork-ribs ever! at Naughty Nuri's in Ubud. My God! I am missing the barbecued pork ribs so much!
But one of the days in Bali, I missed having the instant noodles. Check out the contented face of having the noodles. The Haven hotel is a nice place to stay especially the suite but the service was kinda bad.And yes Bali do offer one of the world's best sunset. But not in Seminyak okay. go Uluwatu.And all the vacation photos made me miss my once long-rosak-permed-coloured hair of mine. One week with the short bob and I am still insecure about my looks.
Need more time to adjust perhaps?


TaQuiLa said... realxing! one day, kami pun mo p bali. u nda join surfing? keke

Unknown said...

luv ur blog...picts are great..& not forgetting the model as well...jst many days was ur trip?

Joan said...

sheila. surfing? heh. no lah. maybe next time.

hello unknown, i appreciate a name though. my trip was 4 days.