Wednesday, June 29, 2011

End of June

I looked at the number of posts that I have for this month. It's the least ever. 7 posts only ( not including this one ) . I guess since the micro-blogging site like Twitter existed, I blog less.

Oh my poor Joan Says. I was thinking to get a facelift for the blog. But I just have no motivation to that. Last time, I changed my layout once a month. I even took the trouble to learn all about the html coding and what not and label all the folders of each layout codes according to months.

Now, hehehe. Macam tiada apa2 saja.

And since Tumblr is also my new sweetheart. Blogger seems to be the stepchild now. Oh sangat kasian. At one time, I even thought of jumping ship to Tumblr. Tumblr has an app on Iphone that allows easier mobile blogging. But especially this has a very special sentimental value. It's too precious to let go; even changing it to a dot com domain.

Somehow, I do not know how this blog can survive if it doesn't keep up with the latest technology. For goodness sake, I am hoping that will come up with an Iphone app soon. If not, I really do must find the motivation to blog here.

What motivates you to blog?

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chegu carol said...

i ever tried BlogPress, an iPhone app to blog for Blogger. Cuba ko search.