Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ma weekend y'all!

Wassup..wassup..wassup. Hehehe.

So, how did you spend your weekend? Gaji baru masuk kan. Puas lah retail therapy tu. Hehe. Mine? sekejap saja tu duit duduk sana account. Click, click. Bayar itu ini. Tinggal lah seciput saja lagi. Yeah, the perils of living paycheck to paycheck.

Adakah anda seperti saya? High five dulu. Hehe.

Although dengan seciputnya duit yang tinggal itu. Dan dengan bekalan buku hutang berbentuk kad bercip teknologi tinggi itu ( kalau-kalau duit ciput tidak cukup ) . June's splurge is on some books and some eyeliners + lipgloss + compact powder .. ada juga kunun plus plus lagi kan. Bilang teda duit. Bah, hutang la bah erti dia tu. Baiklah.

And I plan to do some reading this weekend. One book to finish. Hehehe.
Unfortunately, I got distracted. I remembered I got an invite from a friend to watch Mr. Kaamatan 2011. Thank you Serena for the sponsor. Sat at VIP table lagi tu. Interesting event I must say. My second time attending such event. I still find it very interesting.

One of the round, the men are in toga costume. Errrr, not all men can wear this costume well. Some I saw like they just wanna jump off their skin rather than wearing that costume and walk on the stage. Awkward!!!
Still loving the fact that the round that feature the traditional costumes of Sabah was really educational for me because the costumes are colourful and unique. Most of the time we only see the women wearing the traditional attire for Unduk Ngadau right? This time is the men's turn.

Though, it was still funny because half of the men are not man enough to be a man, if you know what I mean. They can fake it for some but some fail and they end up walking like an Unduk Ngadau instead of being masculine.

Congrats to Mr Tuaran for winning the title this year. I guess you can see the photos on facebook as well.

So, yeah. That's ma weekend y'all!


chegu carol said...

Footprints in the paddy field! Lama sudah kunu sa mau beli2 tu buku tapi tida lah tebeli2...and oh, did u know the writer has a blog too?

Joan said...

ya ka? the writer ada blog. apa blog dia. interesting ni her book.

chegu carol said...

ninah website dia..

Joan said...

thanks carol!