Wednesday, May 01, 2013

W - is for Wednesday ( Bridal Party attire )

It's already May! Time flying by so fast. Should I start to freak out now that THE day is almost near. Anyway, my Wedding Wednesday is here to stay. Let's talk about bridal party attire.

There's so many options these days. Being a fickle minded girl I am, I just can't choose. But one thing for sure, I want the dresses for the bridesmaid are something practical and definitely can be used again for casual or formal wear next time. Not really loving the idea of something that is not use-able in the future.

1) Satin dresses
I can say this is the most favourable kind of dresses dari dulu lagi ni. 
But more often than not, the girls might end up like the table cloth as well. Just gotta be careful in choosing the right shade of the material. I think my bridesmaid can't really fit well with the high shine of the satin because my bridesmaid not kicil-kicil and slim.

2) Chevron patterned dresses
Down right quirky! I like the idea. This is something sustainable because of the prints. Something different right? The only thing is the horizontal chevron lines it will emphasize wideness of the body.

3) Mismatched dresses
Like totally different dresses but in the same color hue. I really love this idea. Now the thing is to shop for it is another extra effort. Gotta bring the girls to shop together

4) Colour coded dresses
The easiest I guess. Choose a color and stick to it. My pink obsession seems to be sharing it's priority with the color yellow these days. I don't know why. Maybe it's the color of spring. It's a whole dose of sunshine here!

5) Lace dresses
And you can never go wrong with this timeless fabric. It's romantic and everything warm and fuzzy. The only downside is a good lace is quite pricey. Huhu

The top 5 that really caught my attention are all those above. Anyway, options are endless. Keep your options open and don't be afraid to try something new. Have a great Wednesday all! Happy Labour Day too!

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