Wednesday, May 15, 2013

W - is for Wednesdays ( Handling Emotions )

Usually on Wednesday, I will be talking about wedding details but this time it's a little different. Handling emotions as a bride or bride-to-be.

For me, the thought of having my dad to walk me down the aisle and hand me to the next man who is going to take care of me for the rest of my life is already overwhelming. Yes, I cry easily.

I sing for wedding choirs most of the time and the most touching part for me for any wedding ceremony is always the part where the father of the bride give away her princess to the future husband of her daughter. The feeling of having a lump in my throat while singing is inevitable. Most of the time, I will try not to look at the whole process and just sing.

I guess it is the biggest change for any bride and the fact that the act of "handing over" is such a big transition, it will definitely made a big impact on anyone. Ok maybe, not every bride will cry. For me I guess I will.

I remember having a video done by Pastels & Cream prior to my engagement party. The question about the things I wanted to say to my parents because I am about to get married really really is overwhelming. I was running through the questions while I was sitting in class and hey waterworks started and I just have to pura-pura gosok mata kunun masuk habuk scared my students perasan saya nangis. Odoi.

For some brides, their life won't change so much because they marry someone from their neighbourhood or let alone their highschool sweetheart. I have a long distance relationship and I guess once I get married, not only that I am "detaching" myself from my family, I also have to embrace another new environment in a different place.

Preparing for this wedding isn't so bad. But preparing myself for a marriage is the real test actually.

What say you? Any advice from past-brides that have gone through all this?


Rinah said...

keep calm and think the happy thing.. hehe

sy said...

hi joan,

I enjoyed reading bout your preparation and all.

I am married for almost 6 years now. I was planning the wedding across the south china sea that time, kl to kk. the amount of frustration, uncertainty is killing and sapping all my positive energy away.

to be honest, I could not really offer much advice, I mean, crying is certainly a thing that you can not avoid. destructive comments and criticism will always be there you go, sakit pun sakit hati juga.

macam mana pun, try enjoy the planning and all. marriage life is another chapter. hahahaha. try to focus on happier things.

I just wanna wish you the best in your planning and looking forward to see your wedding photos!

best regards,