Thursday, May 02, 2013

Thursday - Things I like #3

Second day of May. So, here's another edition things I like. Yeah, I just like to ramble.

My favourite Youtube Artists

Kina Grannis
Such sweet voice. I was so excited to find her album selling at Rock Corner store last year. You know it's hard to get the physical CD of this Youtube artist because they don't really got promoted as much as the mainstream artist.

Check out her song "in your arms". A stop motion video took like 2 years to complete because they use jelly beans as the background and what not. Awesome!

Clara C
Another talented singer-songwriter. If you are the type of person who pay attention to lyrics so much like I do, you will definitely love her songs. She has just released her latest album too.

I love her " camel song ". Quirky lyrics and the video is crazy awesome too!

US ( Michael Alvarado + Carrisa Rae )
This one super music couple. Both are musicians and also singer-songwriter. They just got married and pow! They really are super talented. Now they are duo with the name US.

Love their cover of "don't you worry child". So intense!

AJ Rafael
One of my inspiration. He is such a good singer-songwriter and also very active serving his church too. And I just wonder why all the Youtube musicians stay together in the same neighbourhood; they seem to have one another featured in their videos. Here's his latest single from his latest album "beautiful escape"

This is group is totally on fire. Loved them since they were in that reality show for singing groups. ( apa punya show tu ah lupa sudah ) - but they are so talented! The group members are like match made in heaven and when they do song covers it all sounded magical! Damn! Nda picaya.. Dingar ni..

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