Friday, October 18, 2013

When the clock strikes midnight

And now it's time to rant. There's nothing much to blog about these days. So this gonna be some random rambling

It's actually time to go to bed right now but my mind kept on thinking about my workplace. First day of exam today for us and since the new evaluation system has taken place earlier this year, exam time has become something foreign for everyone.

Basically I followed the system set up by my unit ( the evaluation and examination unit )

1) all exam papers must be put at the the evaluation and examination room - but none of the teachers follow this and it's a game of treasure hunt every time we wanted to get the exam papers because it's hard to know who is holding the exam papers

2) the students must sit according to alphabetical order and the seating arrangement must be supervised by the teachers - what happened today? It's the the opposite of this and most of the teachers just turn a blind eye and just do the exam. Students are happy because thy sit very near to each other, next to their friends and happily chit chatting in between

3) invigilation must take place - seriously ??? Exams nowadays are merely giving the exam papers and sit there at corner of the classroom ( no movement ). When the time is up, just ask the students to collect. Tsk tsk tsk. What is an exam like this? From my observation at the other classes today, there was this one girl listening to music using earphones during exam. Hmmmm. I reckon the invigilator is blind perhaps?

Why do I make so much noise about this? Because it's my duty as the Setiausaha Peperiksaan to make everything runs smoothly. But I need people to work together with me; I can't do this alone. Tapi banyak la yang melepaskan batuk di tangga saja. Bikin sakit hati. For them maybe exam is just a report because the PBS is more important these days. Kalau begitu nda payah la bagi exam kan, buat kuiz then ambil markah saja or even better just make up the marks. Just put any figure you want. Hmpph!

Some people say if you can't fight them just join them la kan. Biar la musnah semuanya. 

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