Friday, October 11, 2013

Ten ten

 It's a perfect ten date today because the number 10-10-13. 10th of October.

Well, almost. Tragedy struck when you least expect it to happen. It's such a sad ending to the life of the young co-pilot and a passenger who died in the plane crash in Kudat this afternoon. Condolences to the grieving family. The loss and sadness are definitely something hard to bear.

I also can't imagine the terror and fear those on board felt when they know something is wrong while they were on air. The last few things that they experienced before the crash. The thoughts that come to their mind.

My phobia while flying is usually when the plane hit an air pocket or being hit by a crosswind, things that sometimes out of control of the pilot themselves.

My prayers to the lost soul and grieving family.

Life is short, we gotta make the best out of everything

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