Monday, October 21, 2013

My weekend went like this...

Quite an eventful weekend I had. My workplace organized a Seminar Transformasi Pendidikan for the staff at 1borneo ballroom. They made us sit down from 8 - 1pm to listen to talks. Enriching I must say but at the same time torturing. And in the evening we had the school annual dinner held at the same place as well.

So, me and the mister made our "debut" for first official event attended together. Hahaha.
The theme for the annual dinner was red carpet (ala artis). You actually have to impersonate some celebrity on the red carpet. But, oh well, I just don't know to be who because when I did my makeup, hair I have no direction to take. Let alone in selecting my outfit. Suka hati saja put everything together. So, which celebrity do I look like la kunun? What you people think?

Food at the 1borneo ballroom was kinda blergh! I only love the first and second dish, which is always the starters and the soup lah. The fish dish was so hanyir I can't even makan. Huhu

So, here is the king of the night. Looking young again with the wig on. Mr Bonilung here. He said he is Mr Bond ( I assume James Bond la tu besides it rhymes with his name). Somehow for me he looked like some Tamil actor pula. Hahaha

And here me and my friend Suzie (yellow dress) flanking the queen of the night. Cikgu Maryanne
It was a fun night although I have to work for a while as the emcee for a certain slot. To my surprise, this year I actually won like 2 lucky draws. One of it is actually one of the grand prize ( I won RM500 cash). The mister said I got BR1M. Hahaha. And he said it is because of him that I won. Well maybe lah, I rarely win anything when it comes to lucky draw before this. Bah bagus la kalau dia jadi my good luck charm. Mo start bili numbur ni. Ahahaha!


chegu carol said...

sy sensitip oh bila org cakap 'hanyir'...especially dr orang yg baru aiseh. hehehe....anyways, if you put your hair up, sy terbayang audrey hepburn sudah oh :)

Joan said...

@chegu .. hahahaha.. sensitip word ah.. kekekeke