Tuesday, October 01, 2013

October is here!

New month. New life.

Yes, I got married in September (hence the absence of recent posts in this blog; the hectic times, man!) Hectic September it was! Been doing the planning since the mister popped the question in 2012. A year of planning and now that it is over and done with, I am kinda "sesat" with the normal things in life. Haha

A few things that I can sum up from getting through the whole wedding thingy

It was very emotional
I cried like SO many times ( veiling moments by my parents + the walk down the aisle + old friends meet ups + my dad's speech plus the surprise video )

Thank God, make up "kebal". I super love my false eyelashes used by my makeup artist. Elise eyelash is one of the best ever.

Future brides  = always have a bridal survival kit with you ( tissue + compact powder + lipgloss + eyelash glue + bobby pins )

So many things can always go wrong. I repeat ALWAYS
My wedding dress actually was "longgar" on the wedding day. ( I shrunk because of the wedding stress maybe) and the program for the reception was kinda "huru hara"

Somehow, no one will notice it though and always keep the alcohol going all the time. Haha.

Future brides = no matter what happen during your big day, just smile. And take a deep breath if you feel like frowning

Guestlists are a total nightmare
If you are having a seated arrangement for a reception, no matter how perfect the seating arrangement have been done, there will always be surprises. Perhaps it's a Malaysian thingy. But nonetheless, I love my guests. There were all there to give moral support and share the love. Big thanks to all.

Still, seating arrangements are a total horror. It can totally drive everybody crazy.


For future reference ( of those who may want to ask, it might be useful for some future brides or those helping people to plan out their family member's wedding ), here's a list of some of the vendors for my wedding

Sabah reception : Jofanna Bridal ( we love them! )
Penang reception : Shepherd Pictures ( can't wait to see the photos from them ! )

Sabah reception : Bryan Kouju Studio ( awesome work )
Penang reception : Shepherd Pictures ( anticipating for the tea ceremony video.. yeay!)

Makeup & Hairdo
Sabah reception : Razak Sindu Studio
Penang reception : Jully Ooi Makeup

Bridal Bouquet & Corsages
Florist : Rossa Florist, City Mall


Dummy cake + cupcakes + wedding cake : Pastels & Cream ( it's the second time we work with them, they are always awesome! )

Home reception canopy deco : Butik Pelamin Cantik
Canopy & tables & chairs : Sandar Canopy

And a few DIY stuff done here and there. I will be happy to help future brides if they have any questions.

courtesy of  @jojyong instagram photo

Just after the whole event finished, with no CRK to use anymore, I have to go back to work a day after I came from Penang. Adrenaline down and my body just decide to give up, then comes the sore throat + fever + flu + cough combo. Huhu.

All in all, a wedding is a big mess of emotional + material preparation and celebration with so many "hati" to jaga. So many feet will be stepped on and what matters most is how you reconcile back because after all the whole event is to celebrate love.Wedding is only a day, marriage is a lifetime experience. I am sure all the married couples also have their own say on this.

So come the next wave of questions

* Bila la mo ada baby?
I will just say bila ada rezeki. If i say nanti-nanti saja then comes the whole advice about the biological clock ticking and nanti tua sudah. Yada yada yada.

* Jadi ko pindah la ikut husband ko ni?
Me and the mister have our own plans. As for the time being, I will be in Tamparuli and he will be in Labuan. Begini lah ni. But of course, ada juga banyak lagi nasihat-nasihat begitu begini. Yada yada yada.

* Mana la pigi honeymoon?
The honeymoon plan is postponed until further notice. Teda cuti ni. Haha. Tunggu cuti skul dulu.

* Camana la JADEsisters, ko berenti la menyanyi ni kan?

* Tidak la ko jadi emcee unduk ngadau ni kan?

* Nda la ko pigi zumba sudah ni kan sebab mo plan ada baby?

For these kind of questions, I don't understand why they see myself to stop living my life after I got married. Some people are just weird sometimes. They and their weird thoughts.

Ok la panjang sudah betul ni post. Thank you for reading. Haha.

courtesy of  @jojyong instagram photo


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Eudora Priscilla said...

For the last picture, the girl in dusun and the boy in chinese costume, is that DIY too? I love that!

Faybaloche said...

Wah :)... Congratulations!!

Jue said...

1st of all..Congrats on your wedding..Nice planning and arrangement...:-)

Just said...

CONGRATS!! Agree with u psl tu many hati to jaga... but yeahh... biasa laitu kan... :)

Joan said...

Thanks all!

@Dora the last photo punya backdrop tu hotel yang kasi sedia dat girl in dusun and boy in chinese..

unduk unduk said...

Congratz Joan and hubby! I help in my sister wedding on 15 September pun the biggest horrifying mess is the seating arrangement. anyway, have a blissful wedding life. :)

Eudora Priscilla said...

Ooo I thought it was DIY. would love to have in on my wedding but the other way around la haha

Thank you and may you two have a blissful life together ^^

Phy said...

Congratulations on your big day Joan. Biasa laitu soalan2 bonus orang. Mula2 funny lg tp bila balik2 kena tanya kin gerigitan juga kan. Hehe..