Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Words in the dictionary

I was reading the Asian Geographic mag "100 voices of Asia" issue. This edition it highlighted on the diversity of the language of the world. One article from the magazine ( Central Asia language ) caught my attention. The Turkmen language from Turkmenistan.

Saparmivat Niyazov, the Turkmenistan dictator who went on a spree of changing words in the Turkmen vocabulary according to his liking. One example is the word "April" has been replaced by Gurbansoltanedzhe, which is his mother's name. Niyavoz passed away  in 2006 and the month "April" has been restored to its original name since then.

Language is a heritage that has been passed down through generations and it's evolution is being made possible by human interactions. For what is happening now in my country, I can see that the nation is a very confused country who can't seem to understand the concept of language. 

With leaders just trying to get fame out of thin air and just love making a controversial issue as publicity, all I can see them now as opportunist; and perhaps dictator in the making. Today is the Allah word. The next thing you know it could be some everyday word that can be banned as they like.

Dictatorship much eh? Sounds like one to me


Joanne Juend said...

love this post teacher :)

Joan said...

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