Friday, June 06, 2014

Back to my second home

Second home (foreign country category). Korea. Third time here. 

Long flight. Sat for 6 hours. My butt feels so flat now and back is hurting. This trip is different from before as this is a "ready to get lost trip". 

Reached Seoul this morning and despite feeling groggy and lethargic, we still have to move. The mister and my sister are with me this time. Too bad Didi and Erika can't follow us.

Braved the subway. It's confusing and hard walking with a big bag. The show must go on. Did the phone rental at the airport. (In the dire need of internet for directions). 

Reached Seoul station via Arex from Incheon Airport. The journey took 43mins which cost around 8000won (8usd) per person. And then the drama of getting lost in translation started.

I wanted to buy the KR pass for my trip to Busan. Apparently, I have to make early arrangement for that (booking it online) and get the print outs validated and then only they issue the pass. And then only you can choose the time of the train and date.

Communication breakdown and throngs of people during the Memorial Day public holiday doesn't make it any better. Lesson learnt do more research for any trip. I get sent back and forth from 3 different ticketing counters and almost at the verge of giving up. My cheapskate-ness to get a lesser price for the tickets to Busan kept me going.

We managed to get the tickets and on we go for another getting sesat incident in finding the hotel. Not many people can speak English and so it's more like hand sign languages and some weird sounding signals. Haha. Thank God, some can converse in Mandarin and the mister can do all the job. Haha

Anyeonghaseyo! We had a long day today. Went around Myeongdong for some sightseeing and also we watche the awesome Nanta Cooking Show. It's a play that had stayed since 15 years ago and people still loving it! It really meet up the expectations from the reviews that I read.

Two thumbs for the show.

Am gonna hit the sack early. Long day. And tomorrow we will be traveling to the border to see the North Korea (from afar). Haha

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