Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Hey June!!

So how was your Kaamatan? This year tiada saya berkampung duduk dalam dewan. Tiada kaki sudah. Banyak sudah yang retire, so nda siok pigi nda ramai. What we usually do is come early. Go in by 9am and don't leave the hall until its 6pm.

This year is a different experience as I celebrated Kaamatan , full on tourist mode. Brought the mister and two new friends from my scuba course as well as my sisters and cousin. Jadi pelancong la kami.

Photo courtesy of Fish

Hot and humid day but it's okay. Bagus lagi dari hujan. Jadi tourist guide lagi explaining stuff. A different kind of Kaamatan, less Unduk Ngadau stuff.

Btw, congratulations to the Harvest Queen of 2014 ( woot! woot! Miss DBKK ). She is one of my favourite also. I was betting on her and the Kota Marudu lass as well. Top 2 baby! I hope she will serve her duty well as the Queen and really give back to the society and inspire others. Don't be a spoiled brat, bimbo-ish queen.

Photo by my friend, David Aramaitii. Awesome la kau. Main media coverage for all the Unduk Ngadau news I suppose

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