Saturday, June 07, 2014

Walking Frenzy

Korea day 2. It was so hard to get up this morning but the show must go on. 

I am loving this hostel because they provide breakfast. After the hearty breakfast, off we go to the DMZ tour. I book this tour through a website recommended by a friend. 

The visit to DMZ (demilitarized zone) is impossible if it is not done through tours. You can DIY it but it's very troublesome especially when it is peak season like the weekend. 

A lot to be learned from the visit. Definitely interesting indeed. I would recommend a visit here. Even better if you can get a tour the heavily guarded meeting room right at the border (half south half north)

If you can avoid going on weekends it's better. The place is swarming with people! Full of people. Tourists. I hate China tourists. They are like so rude and they think they own everything. Benci betul.

Then after was the lunch date with the girls from the exchange program group I hosted last time. I love Korean food.

Visited the Gyeongbok Palace. And a lot of walking around. Sempat pigi tumpang tour guide urang lagi. Haha. Cheapskate case.

Evening is a walk around Dongdaemun. Awesome place. Definitely a fashion mecca. A few shopping malls that is just like the Platinum Mall in Bangkok. But there is more than 5 of those here! And their operation hours is from 10am to 5am (next day). Crazy right?

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