Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016 Resolutions!

Hello to a new page of the 2016 

Before I write out my new year resolutions (yeah, this is like the second week of the year already, late but it's here nonetheless), let's see how was my 2015 resolutions being accomplished. Gahahaha! 

Nampaknya kurang sedikit pencapaian di situ or maybe I was too ambitious. 

  • Overdosed on item 2 since I got like three certifications instead of one. 
  • Failed miserably on item 3, I should try better this year then.  
  • Item 4 is in progress for the snow so should it be recycled?? Hehehe. 
  • I saved money last year, pat pat on my back. At least I see my bank account is actually growing. Yeay for item 5!

My 2016 resolutions:

1) Finish my research and submit it in by December 2016.

2) I want to see snow!

3) Save money every month, bigger savings this year hopefully.

4) Start teaching Hot Hula and Zumba Kids

5) Eating healthy for dinner whenever I cook at home.  

6) Blog more! I only blogged like 40 posts only last year and that's the lowest number of posts ever. Tsk tsk tsk

Everything sounds realistic and do-able or not? Hahahaha. What's yours?

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