Monday, January 11, 2016

2015 review

Exam is done! And I officially on my semester break. Finally some ME time. Now blogging time. Onto some mandatory post to review the year that was.


I finally got my cuti belajar with pay approved. That's a huge huge burden lifted off my shoulder. Thank God! Get to know my comrades as well who are on the same boat. Hopefully everything is smooth sailing until the graduation year in 2017. 


Enrolled new course since the requirement of the scholarship needed me to do something else. New challenge but hey, I am coping well. IT shit and what not, I am surviving.

Turned 30 WTF. Hmmmmmm. Ya lah, ya longer in my 20s. Shait!


Crossing out one of my 2015 resolution. Yes, a new certification. New knowledge unlocked!


Picked up flyoga. I love it so much! If only, there are more places offering this. Also, I have limited time to practice this also lah.


Got purple hair. Crazy hair color is the in thing to do in 2015 for me. Keep recoloring every two months. Ngeh, burn a bit of hole in my pocket but yeah, I am vain like that.

Bye bye Mesra Terrace! Huhuhuhu. I miss my previous crib. Spacious but no more. Thank you for the memories.


Pindah rumah time time sibuk mo exam lagi. That's life la. Susah senang mesti sama-sama. Oil price drop you suck!

But look on the bright side, airplane tickets are actually cheaper then with oil price drop. Gotta break some piggy bank juga lah but the annual family trip could happen. Siok juga lah. Relieving our childhood dreams to visit this place. Umur 30 tahun macam tu baru dapat pigi sama my parents and sisters. My second visit but a first for them, happy juga lah!


Big Bang concert. Yeah, I am a BIG FAN. But not crazy enough to buy the RM900++ tickets to be next to the stage. Still very sane enough to know that money do not come raining down on you. But, BIG BANG concert, always confirm puas hati!


Peace Run. Checking out another one in the resolution list. In fact, this was the only run. Bodoh bah these runs usually. Money making machine saja. Makin mahal itu fees segala. Bangang.

Attended Merdeka Day. Did you see us got interviewed on TV. Hmmm, maybe I should post up the guide to attend Merdeka Day in Dataran Merdeka. Hehe


Subbed to KFit. Yes, and still an avid KFittter. Love it. I can have a buffet of exercise programs and facilities.


Hot hula certified. Yeap, that polynesian dance fitness thingy. Sexy, I can teach you that!


Cameron Highland revisited. My last visit was in college days. The cuti cuti Malaysia that we can afford now. Domestic tourism it is!


Group Fitness and CPR certification. I believe my love for fitness knowledge keep on growing. Something that I rarely have a chance to do it back in Sabah.

Written a new song and its on iTunes and Spotify

All in all, 2015 was a year with full of surprises and more learning opportunities. I am SO GRATEFUL for everything!

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