Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Eye Specialist

A trip to see any doctor usually scare the shit out of me, let alone a specialist; an eye specialist to be exact. I have been experiencing eye discomfort on my right eye and recently I discovered that my right vision has yellow tint to it aside seeing things relatively further from my left eye even with my glasses or lenses. It scared me so much man! Like seriously. 

At first, I thought it is just my eyes has increased the astigmatism problem or maybe the power / degree (whatever it is) increased as well. Went to get it checked, not much changed on the power or astigmatism and the optician asked me to see a doctor regarding this condition.

Before I actually went to see the doctor for referral letter to see a specialist, I googled my symptoms and of course usually googling things will always make feel very bad. Stupid right. Self diagnose is not the right thing to do.

Went to see doctor and got my referral letter to see an eye specialist in UM Specialist Centre. Freaked me out. Can't sleep well the night before.

My assigned eye specialist is Prof Dr Tajunisah. My condition is suspected to be a retina related problem, potentially the CSR where the retina might be swollen. You can google it to know more, I just do not know how to explain. Anyway, got my eyes scanned with my pupils dilated with some drops that my vision was blurred for a few hours. Thank God the mister accompany me to the hospital as driving home in that condition is practically unsafe.

So here's the scan of my retina using the OCT machine. The doctor was actually surprised to see the result as my retina was not swelling as she expected. Just some inflammation. Anyway, I was prescribed some eye drops that has steroid in it and have to put religiously four times a day for a week.

The doctor want to see me again at the end of the month. If my right eye vision still doesn't change, they might have to scan my brain to see what's the problem that might be causing it. Argh!!! I don't want things to escalate until that point. Praying hard everything will be ok.

By night time after the appointment with the doctor, my eye pupil is still very much dilated. It's causing me to see things with more exposure and brightness. You know like when you increase brightness for your photos on Instagram. The pupil dilation drops really have a long effect on me. The pupil came back to its original state only the next morning. 

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