Friday, January 15, 2016

Pole Dancing 101

I tried pole dancing yesterday. Seriously, it is not easy. I do not know maybe I am not used to it, I still do not know the correct techniques or I am too thick for this. I end up with bruises and blisters. They said it is normal. Hey, no pain no gain right?

The instructors taught some basic moves to swing around the pole. I can't remember the names, too many - it's like uhm some "Fireman something something". Whatevs! I had fun though although it is painful. I just cannot imagine those people who are in the advanced classes, what kind of pain that they have to endure to get there.

The studio is in Hartamas called Talent Hub. Parking is a nightmare here but I was lucky to find a parking nearby the studio yesterday, so it was alright.

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