Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hello Hokkaido

Thank you Hokkaido, I can finally cross of the long overdue resolution of mine (to see snow). 

Also, I would like to share on the budget of the trip since this is the most FAQ.


It was 5 days trip only, the itinerary was pretty much as follows (I will blog more about it soon) :

19th January: Travelling day
  • KUL - CTS via Air Asia X 
20th January to 21st January : Tomamu, Hokkaido
  • Stayed at Risonare, Tomamu Resort
  • Skiing!
22nd January to 23rd January: Sapporo, Hokkaido
  • Stayed at Watermark Hotel, Sapporo
  • City tour by foot
24th January: Travelling day again
  • CTS - KUL via Air Asia X

We bought the flight tickets during sale time and it was RM1398 return trip for two person and also we add on bags and meals for both ways that cost around RM416. As for all the accomodations (Risonare and Watermark) and rental of ski gears which cost the most, it was RM3352 for two person. Extra expenses for the ski activity is the gondola use to go up the mountain to ski down which cost RM200 for two person (it's a day pass)

All in for flights and accomodation plus ski gears rental (head to toe all complete) = RM5362 for two person.

The transportation from airport to Tomamu by bus is RM280 for two and the train fare from Tomamu to Sapporo is RM76 for two. We spent like RM2000 for two for food, subway trains/bus and shopping- that's like your pocket money to bring.

To make it easy for you, the numbers for ONE person is

Lodging + ski stuff = RM1676
Flight + what not add ons = RM907
Gondola/lift = RM100
Bus (Airport -> Tomamu) = RM140
Train (Tomamu -> Sapporo) = RM38

Total = RM2861

Pocket money for meals, miscellaneous subway/bus trips and shopping = RM1000 (just to be on the safe side since most places in Hokkaido do not take credit cards)

We engaged H.I.S company for booking of the lodging and the ski stuff. It is a very good company and the staff is actually helpful in providing the itinerary for us plus the tips and directions in finding the correct train platforms and stations to go down. If you are up for a whole lot of adventure this semi DIY trip by this company is actually a lot better than those tour groups that usually bring you to the places that you do not want to go. Haha.

Do watch our travelogue here.

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