Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Dreams to pieces

Well, to be dramatic, I should say that my dreams are shattered.

Like what dream?

To graduate my master with a perfect 4.0 CGPA.

Hahahaha. What a perfectionist hope. I got my first semester a perfect four. But the second one is like crap. Damn it.

Damn you Digital Libraries. The thing that I am not satisfied with this paper is that the group project was almost solely done by me - and to know that your group members actually scored better than you because of the scoring method and the shitty carry mark you had because you did the quiz way too honestly. Argh! I am on fire right now.


Okay, I am being way too dramatic now. I should be grateful. I should be GRATEFUL. ok ok. Anyway, I am so done with this coursework stuff and stupid group projects. I am so looking forward to doing my dissertation and graduate on time. This 2016 it is!

This emotional thingy shall pass. Let's start on a clean slate now.

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