Thursday, February 11, 2016

Lenten Pledge 2016

Ash Wednesday today marked the start of the Lent season for this year. For me, lent season is a challenging time and also the more meaningful season compared to Christmas. Christmas is too commercialized these days to see the real meaning behind the celebration.

Anyways, for the past lent season, I have tried not to eat meat at all. Success on that one. But I think I should go for more meaningful Lenten pledge this time around.

  • must fast on Fridays
  • pray rosary or divine mercy chaplet everyday
  • read the word of God everyday
  • call my parents every week
  • be merciful to others
  • minimal social medias especially facebook. (I have two accounts, one personal and the other for business purpose, just updates to keep the business running) - let us see how this purging goes.
Ngeh! Hope can keep this up for 40 days. These things should be private but I know this blog do not have high traffic. So biarlah. Hahaha.

Ok, what is your lenten pledge this year?

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Amanda Christine Wong said...

No music! I hope the silence wont drive me mad. Happy fasting!