Thursday, February 18, 2016

ETS Train Ride

Have you tried the ETS train? I want to share my experience of riding the train from Butterworth to KL Sentral.

The mister booked the ticket online exactly a month before our intended travelling date. Why? 

  • The train tickets are highly in demand and we are travelling during the festive season. Normal season also always habis.
  • The tickets will be released for sale around 7am or 8am everyday and yeah, you have to be kiasu. Hahaha.

Spacious and comfortable train coach. It is seriously better than driving back home during the festive season.

You can actually watch movie on the train and they have the foldable table as well so that you can do your work or eat. There is also a bistro selling instant noodles and sandwiches with tea and coffee too. But do not be surprised with price though. One maggi cup noodle is RM3.60. Nothing much to complain though because even airplanes food also they charged kaw kaw.

This is my e-ticket. We took the 5.50pm train and the sun have not set yet and I get to see the scenery. Love it.

See!!!! All green and tranquil. Reminds me of my hometown. I spend most of the first part of the journey enjoying the nice view.

We arrived in KL Sentral around 9.50pm as this ride has several stops. But the train is travelling around 120km/h to 145 km/h so its ok la.

You should try this ETS train ride. So convenient!

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