Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Postgraduate Life

Now that I got my writing momentum back, things are falling into places. Well, part of it because I am actually so stressed out with the deadline drawing in near and I do not actually have any substance in my research proposal. Hahaha. Tau takut. Itu lah main saja. Zumbazumbazumba. Itu saja kana ingat.

And when I got this email last week, sent in mass for all postgraduates. This really put focus back. Good idea from people at the faculty. Seriously! It really put my focus back. Now, I am not sure whether I should apply for this mock seminar or not. I only have 1 week to prepare and my SV is asking again "Are you really sure with what you want to do now?"

Hahaha. What a tough question.

I am in for another supervision meeting today. Hopefully, there will be some positive feedback from my SV today since the last two drafts of problem statement that I sent in was not very useful. Huhuhu.

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