Thursday, May 12, 2016

Gala Night Tuaran 2016 Emcee Job

Ah, it felt so good to be back behind the rostrum and emceeing the Gala Night. 
photo credit to Marious Photography
Been emceeing the event since its first edition back in 2011 when Tuaran hosted the kick off the State Level Kaamatan. I was MIA for last year because I relocated to KL but am back this year. Thank God for cheap airplane tickets. Well although the token to do this job can't really justify the cost to travel back, get dressed an dolled up but it is all worth it to actually be there in my hometown for this event.

My makeup done this time by Liz Belle. Can find her on facebook and IG as well. It is quite different to have a female MUA to do your makeup. I am so used to having male MUA to do my hair and makeup. Female MUA is more gentle I must say.

Lama sudah tidak bercantik cantik begini. 

Anyway, just a throwback of the on-the-job look. 2011 till now.

2012 and 2014 photo credits to David Aramaitii Photography
For this year, I thought I want to wear my wedding dinner gown but I realized I might have lost too much weight due to dengue. So, I bought this yellow dress from Forever 21 on bargain at only RM90. Yeah! Clutch is from and earrings is from Padini Accessories (remember the 4 days special sale earlier this month). I love major sales! You can just get good bargain but you really need to be mentally prepared to brave through the human stampede.

Nice or not?

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Japrin said...

Good Job Joan!