Monday, May 23, 2016

Little Mix Get Weird Tour 2016

Little Mix from the UK. I attended their concert and watched them live. Yeay! So nice. But, it was truly a one of a kind experience.

Why ? (if you may ask). I have never attended a concert with so many kids (like primary school kids age) running around you. I felt like I am in an elementary school something like that. Most of the concert goers are like young people half my age and some are even younger because they were accompanied with their parent(s).

It was like a family day affair. Hahaha.

Seriously. Hahaha. These kids are really really lucky. I attended my first concert when I started working (yeah only when I start earning my own money). Well, yeah, I was born into a different socioeconomic status. These kids will never understand my situation. Good for them.

See the stair leading up to the concert hall. So full of people. But it is nice to see parents or an older sibling are somehow willingly accompanying their younger family members to this concert.

I did not take much footage and photos during the concert since my view was like this almost all the time (see picture below). I still don't get it why some people need to put up their mobile phone in the air 99% of the time during the concert. You paid for the tickets to see the acts live. Why do you need to record it and having stiff arms? Also, you can't even enjoy and dance to songs. WTF!

Anyway, it was an awesome show. The girls from Little Mix sounded so good live and they dance and sing live too. I was blown away. It was a bummer that Jesi injured herself during the first half of the show and could not perform during the second half of the concert. Huhu. She got the best stage presence.

Yeah, me and my sister managed to take photos at the photo booth too (in which not many people went to take their photos because they were busy queuing to get in the concert hall). Ngeh! We took our time. Hahahaha. Too old to rush in the hall like mad people. I will only do that for BIG BANG. LOL.

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