Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Super high pressure!

It is actually towards the end of May already. I have been slacking way too much. Like wayyyyy too much! So, I decided I need to fine tune my head and my thoughts and my soul. 

I enrolled myself to an Upskill Course organized by the graduate studies department. This is like the first time ever I attended one. Like ever! Because the list is perpetually full when you want to register for any courses offered. This time I got lucky. Hahaha. The lecturer for the 6 hours course was also kinda cute. Haha. Muda lagi. 

So, that was my Monday. Today, I have to again to the campus to attend a meeting with the Bahagian Tajaan. Yeah, good times! Also get to meet my Borneo friends who are all educators under the same sponsorship program. My friends are all super hardworking some of them already had done their proposal defense and I haven't even get my proposal together. DAMN SUPER PRESSURE now!

Drove home feeling like a failure because I am a super slacker. But the bundle of joy from MPH Online. Cheered me up. See what "rubbish" I bought with the Baucar Buku 1 Malaysia. WTF right?! More distractions!!

Ok, back to reading journals now.

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