Friday, May 27, 2016

Home is where the heart is

My simple living room. There's like only one proper chair to sit on and the rest are bean bags and foot stools. Totally not a good setting if you have more "formal" guests like those who are elderly. They don't really fancy bean bags to sit on. 

Anyway I like this setting. I totally dislike bulky sofa. I love things that are modular and mobile as I get bored easily with my furniture. Will always keep changing the arrangement from time to time. Somehow this whole thing is failing on keeping with the color scheme. Its hard to mix and match stuff that you didn't but but have to work around with it. I love neutral and natural colors with splash of quirky colors. Btw, the brown and red beanbag aren't my purchase so just gotta work with it.


Rose Ragai said...

Nice bah. Simple ja. I am still looking for a house/apartment to rent now. Hopefully if dapat i can start to work out something simple like yours. senang mo bungkar2x and kasi atur kalau suda bosan... (^__^)

Joan said...

Thanks... anyway, mana area apartment or house that you are looking for?