Monday, March 23, 2009

Can't you just shut up?

And then again, I want to complain about people saying I am fat.

"Eh, I haven't seen you for quite some time, you gained weight already la.."

Like duh! 

That is not something new to me. I do have 2 big mirrors in my room and several others around the house.

As a matter of fact, I , now, purposely avoid my long-time-no-see friends from meeting up with me face to face. Low self esteem. Yes and I just don't want to endure the moments of being told the fact that I already know.

I KNOW how I look like. And YES, I do REALIZE it! I guess I don't need a second opinion for that matter.

See.. people just don't understand sometimes. Telling someone, especially a girl that they are fat is like slapping them with a diaper full of shit.


We, or rather me (I) don't like it!

Usually those who are not considerate with their words is usually people who never get fat, never been to my shoes, never been eating so much in their life and enjoying it because all they do is eat chicken food. 

Sigh~ this is not the first time I am ranting about weight issues.

I weigh 57kg. I have tummy like tyres, lipat-lipat sana sini. I have double chin. My cheeks is chubby. My thigh is enourmous macam batang kelapa, arms flabby. If you see me in a bikini, you will think that I am middle aged, retired body builder with a beer belly. I eat like a pig, I adore sasau fan and saunyuk too. Sleeping and watching tv is my favourite past time. 

And yes I am fat.

Puas hati? Saya gumuk bah.

~ but I am still pretty..muahahaha


Fharelynne said...

same thing happen to org kurus as well.. its like weight is the first thing that they want to notice kurus pun they complain, gemuk pun complain,,and if you are in the right scale, they will always have something to say like.."eh mcm ko kurus sudah sikit / gemuk sudah sikit.." mannn...

sHeiLa said...

cool down girl..

those people are jealous ba det, coz ur life is just easy which u can have ur 'time' doing ur favourite things..

just ignore them la..u fat, won't harm them also's ur body also..ask them to take care of themselves.doesn't mean those skinny is pretty as u kan?

Lett said...

Kalau lama ko tidak jumpa seseorang and tiba2 jumpa and dia cakap "Eh, Joan.... lama tidak jumpa....cantik sudah ohh ko skrg"

Apalah beza pertanyaan dia tuh dengan yg ko cakap "Eh, I haven't seen you for quite some time, you gained weight already la.."??

Bukan mcm bertanyakan khabar saja kah tuh maksud dia? dia kasi banding before the last meet saja kan?

Joan said...

Rayner: Some things are sensitive for some people. Weight issues at this moment is a serious thing for me. Cuba la tanya benda lain ba if want to tanya kabar. E.g: How's life? That one is a very neutral question.

Sheila: I dunno la people are jealous or what. Tapi I am trying to maintain a healthy weight. Memang now sudah terlebih la but around this time, stress banyak...I doubt I can tahan the urge to eat.

Yvonne: Yeah, I know. Yang kurus pun ada juga kana cakap dat. Either we jadi kurus or gemuk, sure they will be someone need to say something. If they say only never mind, if they start comparing with others tu. Really cannot stand la...huuhuhu

chegu carol said...

when i was blessed with fats, i had the same thing question asked.

when i am blessed with no fats...i still get the same question asked.

what the heck, that's never been a sensitive issue to me anyway.

but question like, 'ada anak sdh?' that follow by a series of other questions like, "why? jangan tnggu lama2 bah.' or 'ko merancang kah?' or 'bah jaga, nanti kalu sdh tua susah tau beranak' are certainly gonna pissed me off.

so yeah, i get what u mean.

Gallivanter said...

You can tell them, "You know what, I may be fat, but I can lose weight but you're still gonna look ugly no matter what".


Ironic said...

Ya, i get what you mean.
I don't care whether they're just
saying for saying sake but it gets old.

sakaigirl said...

Yes, I'm fat, im on diet, but still fat.. the worst thing to hear is, 'eh, your girlfriend is bigger size than u ho!" Drop dead.. though the truth is i'm 10 kg more than him.. Yep, who cares, I'm still pretty, and i can cook well^^