Thursday, March 12, 2009

am back..but some are gone

After the chaperon thingy last week. It was fun yet tiring. I was about to blog about it but then I remembered I didn't have any pictures of the MSSB...sigh!

Then on last Sunday, lightning struck my modem + wireless. Arghhhhh! I was internet-less up until today. It was a torturing moment to live without the internet.

I just wanna share the story that happen yesterday.

At home, I have WOGOK. *those who read my blog regularly, you will know who is this Wogok -->Wogok-Berus-Gigi, -->Wogok Acting Class, -->Wogok Small *

He died yesterday morning. 


Internal injury and excessive bleeding. From a dog fight.

He was the strongest, boldest, fearless dog around the neighbourhood. But one thing that he don't have is the brain. When things gets dangerous he just doesn't know how to stop unlike the other two dogs we have at home.

I saw he fought with the other dogs on Tuesday morning at my neighbour's compound. He was the one attacking. Initially. Around 6-7 dogs involved. We called him to come back but he didn't care. Maybe the table turns after that, I do not know also.

I was busy on that morning itself, got things to do and at the edge of deadlines. 

The fight lasted for a few minutes and I thought it is just another dog fight.

Little did I know that the fight cost the life of our fave pet dog.

He came back walking slowly, blood is dripping from his ears. Swollen and scarred neck. His legs all with bite marks and some punctures. His fur wet with mud.

My sis and I cleaned him, put medicine to his wound, gave him water and painkillers but there's nothing much that we can do.

He can barely move, all his movement were all in pain.

He suffered for one night until the next morning, Wednesday, he breathe his last breath. 

I pat his head and called his name before I leave to Tamu. He is not responsive anymore, only breathing slowly. At tamu, my sis sms that Wogok is not here anymore.

I rushed home. 

There's no words to explain, how sad me and my sisters are.

I personally blamed myself for not taking an effort to stop the fight. The death could have been avoided.

Wogok was a close friend of Yellow Cat, who died last month. They grew up and played together. Irony of a cat and dog fight.

And not even a month after that, it is Wogok's turn to go.

Buried him with his fave ball. We can't bear to see the ball lying around there without seeing him playing with it. He was buried near Yellow Cat.

Now during meal times, it is such a sad thing looking at the kitchen door. No Wogok waiting outside the door, no Wogok to play with...

I am sad :(
small wogok back in 2007

wogok besar sudah

It is a hard fact to accept that he is gone now.
Rest in peace Wogok.
2007 - 2009


Vienne said...

i know the feeling...i really know..losing things that u really love...
sorry for the lost. May wogok rest in peace

Mrs. Ezman said...

so sorry to hear abt ur puppy... :-(

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

he was such a beautiful dog.. may wogok rest in peace..

sHeiLa said...

uhuu..another one left..

anyway, may wogok RIP ..condolence

Minsulod said...

so sorry to know about wogok...
can understand how u feel..

Earthy Emily said...

I lost a puppy before. It's devastating.

sakaigirl said...

May Wogok rest in peace! I lost my Kopi too, many years ago.. Sometimes when I thought of her, I would smile by myself... Wogok will remain deep inside your, safeguard your memory for him, he'll know ^^