Sunday, March 29, 2009

take time to smell the roses

gosh, i never knew having a career as an educator will indeed challenge my EQ as a human being. It is almost everyday I am gonna be in a situation that I gotta get myself together before blowing up to pieces to be an emotional wreck.

take for example, of what happened today. 

Sunday, school team dance practice. 

Waiting time: 1 hour. Teacher wait for students. OOhh. OMG this is certainly not good. Anger level reaches Yellow Level ( Warning Level). It's beeping furiously. 

Then this afternoon also, need to go KK *again* to take the the things that I ordered yesterday for the school big event on Thurs. 

Huhu. What a lousy weekend. I didn't manage to do the things that I planned to do. And I don't mean for leisure things, it is all work related.

Juggling a career, a mini online business, part time home tuition, and taking care of myself, family and household : it is definitely not an easy task I must say.

Damn it. I forgot to workout today. I am on a bet to lose 10 kg in 10 weeks now. If I manage to do it the reward is RM100 per kg lost. If I lose, I gotta pay RM100 per kg.


Gallivanter said...

10kg in 10 weeks? YIKES!!!


Carmelliny said...

nah apa lagi?workout lah..good luck!

chegu carol said...

you teach dance class kah?

ya..mari2 workout. :)

sHeiLa said...

moi..if u very super duper bz pun u can lose weight also ma..hehehee
tapi within 10 weeks? sungguh kejam si andre (sorry mr.andre! heheh)

Onderay said...

i didn't set the rulez....