Friday, March 27, 2009

ada aku kisah?

EARTH HOUR is gonna be tomorrow. I have read quite a number of reviews and opinions about this event. Some are up for it, some are not. Well, everyone is entitled for their opinion on this. I understand why the opinions differs. 

Somehow to me, it is kinda heart wrenching that some deemed the Earth Hour to be a gimmick, plainly a promotional purpose, is a waste of time, a useless act...

I am no way being paid by the organizers or being linked directly by the organisation who organized this Earth Hour, but this is my two cents worth on this

If one see this event as something that totally can't change the world in ANY way, this is TOTALLY wrong.

To say that this event WON'T promote anything and WON'T help in stopping global warming, it is TOTALLY absurd.

Oh yes, turning off the light for one hour may not stop the global warming or even stop pollution or stop anything that can harm the world.

Yet, I know one thing. It certainly reminds me that I need to care for MY world, OUR world. By turning off the lights tomorrow, it reminded me that I need to do something. I must start with something small to make a change.

Awareness is the word.

Of course by just turning off the light for one hour on a saturday won't stop the formation of the hole in our ozone layer, won't stop the extinction of flora and fauna by pollution and so on. Somehow, if we do REALIZE that we need to do something, a small action by one person but done by many people will surely make an impact rather than not lifting a finger to do anything.

If not now, then when? If not us, then who?

Do view things in a bigger perspective people. Everything starts with awareness hence campaigns like EARTH HOUR is being planned.

Rome was not built in just one day.

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sakaigirl said...

Normally, i don't think too much. Just do the right thing when i think its right. That's the least i can help up. Just switch off the light, apa susah?