Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Please be nice

At this point, I just do not know where to start.

Problems shooting to my way like bullets from a machine gun. Damn! Why do all the stupid things must happen all at the same time.

For a few days, I tried to stay afloat with the thinking that I can overcome this. Mind power. I told myself that I can get through this. Trying best not to sink in the mess.

Everytime I think where I should start the feeling of helpless-ness starts to seep in. As if the boat that I am in is slowly filling in with water and starts to sink in.

Everyone has problems but I guess mine is killing me. There's no need to elaborate on that because I can barely breathe now.

All I can say is everything that needs to be done and what's happening around me has problems. Every phone call, every hi's from a friend means trouble. I woke up this morning to an SMS that just spells M.A.S.A.L.A.H. I am in a mess up to the point that I just want to run away from everything. 

Rumah sewa, business, tuition, school, dance team, church, school event, audit work, attendance book, budget, nazir...aaaaaaaahhhh

Feel like going to my room, lock the door and slit my wrist and just bleed to death now. Just can't take this anymore.

Life please be nice to me.


Gallivanter said...

*HUGS* Life is all about ups and downs, and I know if when it rains, it rains like nobody's business, just hang in there...the sun shall shine...if you need someone to lend ears or eyes, send me an e-mail and I shall read it without prejudice.

If it makes you feel better.


Lett said...

Hee.... tension juga bah pulak jadi cikgu nih kan... cuba ko prioritize kerja ko? buat yg penting dulu. yg tidakpenting jangan ko peduli....

eimi.mitsuko said...

Sabar2..musim lent ni...

Anonymous said...

awwwww..be patience.. ada juga kebaikan tu akan keluar..:) Be strong kio..