Thursday, August 20, 2009

From 44 to 43

At my school, there is this system called Buku Catatan Ketua Kelas ( BCKK ) to record daily attendance and teacher's as well as students' movement in the class.

Everyday it is just a normal thing to see the total number of students are 44 in the class. But on 17/08/09, my class ( am the form teacher ) is officially 43 person.

See the pic, even the class monitor had a hard time adjusting to the new number. 43 person. Who is missing?

One of my student left for good last Sunday. Like forever as in eternally.

I only get the news on Monday morning before I go to school. It was just like a slap on the face and tears just flowed freely. Badly shaken by the news, I still gotta brave the odds and face the rest of the class later during the day.

Upon reaching the class, almost everyone were teary eyed. Swollen red eyes. Seeing that empty seat again made my heart crushed to pieces.

This student was one of the nakal type so everyday I must scold him or at least say something to him so that he will behave properly before or during class.

One of the student came up to me and said;

"Teacher, please announce about our friend some of them haven't heard the news.."

Breaking the news was definitely the hardest part. It was so sudden actually. Electrocution~ it is just a tragedy. I choked in between my words and then there were just silence. I gave two piece of papers for the rest of the class to write their final message to their late friend. Some of the students even collected money to buy flowers.

Funeral day

Almost all of the kids in the class went to pay their last respect. Solemn mood. I went to see the mom to say my condolences and told her that his friends from the class came to pay their last respect. I also gave the flowers with the messages. I was supposed to be strong but I failed, I cried in between my words especially when seeing the lifeless body in the coffin. The mom of course wailed in despair

"Nelvin...bangun kau..kawan-kawan kau datang..~"

No words can ever described the sadness at that time. The class wept again in their late friend's house.

Today, I asked the class monitor to remove the extra table and chair that we have in the class. I need to keep my students focused. Of course we still mourn for the loss yet we need to move on.

From the whole class of 2-5;

Our prayers and thoughts will always be with you Nelvin. You are gone a little too soon yet God loved you more. May your soul rest in peace.


Annie said...

i never met Nelvin but reading your post i felt sad too.. RIP Nelvin..

Fharelynne said...

i feel sad reading this post. May His Soul Rest In Peace.

chegu carol said...

I feel like something lumpy choking in my throat while reading this.
God bless his soul. RIP.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

so sad...sorry for your loss.

DierdreTheseira said...


Rest in peace, Nelvin.

*mixpod is playing Infinatez's Ada Masa*

Sarah said...

rest in peace, Nelvin.

elaines said...

this is really sad..'Nelvin rest in peace'