Monday, August 31, 2009


Updates in a jiffy

~touched down in KK 3 hours ago

~spent the last 3 days prior to today at shopping malls and place where money can fly away from you.

~still coughing on and off

~missing blogging for almost a week but I do need to enjoy life more off the net.

~being not so active on FB, blogs and what nonsense on the net made me realise there is actually more to life.. LOL!

~i miss mudpie. ^_^ TGIF please come to KK.

~school starts tomorrow and that's so not fun

~my skin got problem , rashes i suppose... and my scalp is itching away. Don't send me to District 9 please!

~I am broke <- this is not new btw. :p

p/s: will blog more once I got my brains in place.


Lee said...

Hi Joan, just relax, stay easy, get your batteries recharged, then return and make footprints.
Have fun and keep well, Lee.

Anonymous said...

hm..i thought i'm the only person who feel unruly...take it easy lady...