Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A day full of drama


Woke up to a loud blaring car honk and succeeded by screams and shouts. My sister ran to my room asking me to go and see the drama unfolding at my aunt's house. So, the event took place around 1 hour approximately. Were there not to interfere with the emotion running on a rollercoaster, but just to make sure everyone don't start to kill each other.

~Waking up to this really kicks off the bad vibe for the whole day.


School like usual. But since the angin is not very good today, those who messed up with me sure kena. Fellow colleagues yang annoying of course I can't do anything la. But, two students who came late to class, have to study outside the class and just look through the window. Another class have to listen to me nagging about their attitude thus making the learning process halted. One thing that I discover today also is that my nagging skills are improving. Haha.

Planned to jog in the evening but I suddenly remember that I need to teach extra class for the hostel students around dinner time.

~So no burning of calories today.

~Owh and the forest fire nearby is bad. Real bad. The flame practically lit up the horizon for that particular section. Haze again.

Just as I thought that the day is about to end, again happen major drama just nearby my house. Someone run amok wielding a parang in his hand, injured a car but managed to be brought down by a group of men who were around there that time. Cause of running amok yet to be updated.

It was indeed a day full of drama.


Gallivanter said...

Definitely a dramatic day! :-)


Bxnjamin said...

what a way to begin and end one's day...haha