Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Not another boring post

Yes indeed it is.

My stomach is still on strike. I am actually putting the laptop on my stomach now as I type this post. Been running to the toilet since this morning and the hardest when I was in class teaching and the toilet call came. Damn it!

I just don't really fancy doing the big business at the school toilet and so I decided to go back home after I finished my first class today. BUT, my car was blocked and I can't find the owners for the respective car.

Tension. *menahan perut yang memulas dan proses penyahtinjaan yang hampir berlaku. Oh sungguh celaka!*

At last managed to get hold of one of the owner and off I go to liberate myself.. LOL!


Anyway, the washing machine in the stomach still there but it has gotten better la compared to this morning.

But since when my stomach is so fragile now?
courtesy of drgagne.com

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