Monday, August 10, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding

Useful tips to survive a wedding reception

1) Make sure you are invited.

( Like doh! obviously ) and RSVP asap.

2) Pay attention to the time and VENUE especially

I happen to end up at a different venue after has gotten lost on the way today. And best of all the other friend who is supposed to know the way got lost too. Nasib baik sampai juga tempat sebenar.

3) Be friendly and just smile to strangers

This is very useful when you are attending a reception with minimal company.. haha

4) Don't be shy

Jangan malu- malu tapi jangan bikin malu juga la..LOL

5) Take lotsa pictures like there's no tomorrow

Yes, this part of me can't be denied. Memories will fade but the pictures will keep it refreshed.


Indeed pictures will definitely paint out the memories for us. Today, one of my bestfriend got married. Very happy for her. I was not so emotional during the reception but when I was driving back home from the event, memories flashed by and sob sob ~ dalam hati saja la... *huh, emo juga saya ni bila orang kawin*

She is the first friend that I met when I entered MJSC Kuching back in 2000. us during the Kaamatan in 2006 or was it 2005? Hehe.

Me, Kharol, Trinna

and here is us again in 2009..they loose weight and I gained some..Oh, I so need to get back running again.

Congrats Kharol and Garry..
Semoga Berbahagia ke akhir hayat.

Sorry we kidnapped you from your husband for the "girls only" pic :P

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