Saturday, August 01, 2009

my saturday

off being one of the teacher in charge for the fencing tournament at school.

Yes, I am working on a Saturday. Almost two years being the advisor for the Fencing Club, I have very limited knowledge about this sport. But thank God now, I can differentiate between Epee, Sabre and Foil. LOL! Better than nothing right?

Anyway, I attended my senior's wedding in the morning as well.

....and as much as I hated couples on how they behave on weddings and other major lovey dovey events, I just can't stop myself from being overwhelmed by the feelings and emotions during the bride walked down the aisle with the father.

It is just so emotional to me. Why ah?


Lett said...

Sebab ko rindu bf ko and ko pun rasa mau kawin sudah kan??

Joan said...

Doh...rayner. rayner..rayner

I am not like you.. who choose to prove that lifetime commitment is the ultimate choice now. I have better things to do la.

I guess it is more to the sentimental things between the bond of the bride and her father that moved me.