Thursday, December 17, 2009

Diary 2010

I am looking high and low for a PINK + 2010 + ORGANIZER + PLANNER. Though PDAs are more updated and tech-savvy kinda a thing. I still prefer pen and paper. Call me traditional, I don't mind.

And so..

I google it, I search it on e-bay, I browse through shopping malls, bookstores.

Yeah, I found some on the net. Like these..

Ooh..check it out..check it out. Love the shocking pink exterior and the mad awesome interior. Price. Uhm. Bidding starts at 95.00 ( USD ) ~ cough! cough! ehem...

For a mini size, this is so cute. 9.2cm x 12cm. But it certainly cost quite a bomb as well. A Filofax original : £58.00

Slightly bigger than the mini size, more place to write and scribble. But, slightly cheaper than the mini size for this model. £44.00
Yet, why it have to be so expensive?

I seriously love the pink shade for this one. Awesome-ly PINK!! I want..huhuhu. The price? After discount is only £35.

Wah lao!!! All still expensive. Delivery charges still excluded. What la?Boo-hoo. Anyone coming back from the UK? I wanna pesan them to buy one of these.

In KK, I just can't find it. The only nice ones I saw was in Harris in 1B. All also cost almost RM100 each. Pink ones? DON'T HAVE!!!!! Uh, bencinya.

So, anyone who saw a PINK 2010 ORGANIZER. Kasitau saya ah!!

Btw, this post reminds me again to finish up my school project for the 2010 SCHOOL PLANNER. I have to produce similar ones like the above just that on a tighter budget and in boring colours. And..and..argh! The school will reopen in less than 3 weeks.

I gotta call the printer now. *Shriek!*


TaQuiLa said...

yalor..same with me, i'm still liking the pen-and-paper tradition..heeee

alaa..beli jak tu organiser hitam yang banyak bejual..(like mine..hikhikhik)
pastu u kasi lekat2 la pink2 stuff..ok apa :P murah jak ..budget RM10.00

Vienne said...

i saw one when i was in Manila...ada design lady lagi, tp terlambat ni ko post. Kalau sa tau sa kasi bli untuk ko...i see many cute organizers and thinking of buying fikir punya fikir, cuti, takwim malaysia and Phil x sama...x jadi la

Amanda Christine Wong said...

yeah, like sheila said....last2 u bungkus ja with pink paper/cloth/fur/leather :D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

yeah, like sheila said....last2 u bungkus ja with pink paper/cloth/fur/leather :D

Lizeewong said...

Hi Joan, kalau ko mau, i can get u the pink one yg u saw tu and post to u. Cheers!