Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Twas a long day

As my facebook status stated this morning, Michael Buble really did serenade me in the morning with "All of Me". I stayed on my bed and really did wake up when he sang "Georgia on my mind". It was totally an awesome moment. Love it.

Just the right mood to get me through this long Tuesday. Spring cleaning again in the morning. Plus baking session in the afternoon.

There would be guest singers coming to spread the joy of Christmas at home.
And the cupcakes that I baked are for them.
Glad that they liked it. Gonna bake more Christmas.

As I am typing this post, I just realized that it is only 10 days more to Christmas and its more or less around 2 weeks before 2010.

Time flies and I am NOT loving the speed! It's too fast.

Ah. I can't stay up late tonight. Gotta wake up early. There's a charity christmas carol session tomorrow. So, good night peeps.

Here's Santa Baby by me and my sisters. Muka penat semua while singing it. Haha. Anyway, enjoy. ^_^


CathJ said...

Best kan ada sisters.... I miss all my sisters.. will gathered this Christmas... dari pelusuk dunia all meet in parents house.. *Happy*

Love the way you all sing!! ^_^.. I played guitar long time ago too.. sampai keras2 hujung jari hahahha.. but not any more..

you all are gooodddd..... Have a nice day girls!!

kuai said...

great!!.. ^_^

Merry Christmas to all of u..

Vienne said...

joseh cakap kan...korang main guitar terbalik, salute laa