Monday, December 07, 2009

Dim the Lights

If there's any place that I don't wanna be at right now is definitely gonna be my bedroom. Unfortunately, I am now. It is just a pile of mess and I am sleeping with it.

I am in the middle of re-organizing, re-arranging, re-decorating and all the re-'s that you can think of..

I just wanna start fresh and new. Preparing myself physically for the new year. Mentally...well, gonna do it slowly la and since I am a very visual person, I need to see a change of surroundings before I can proceed to the inner self change. Haha. Excuses again.

Just came back from watching Ninja Assassin. It has been quite some time that I left the cinema feeling very contented and felt worth the money spent on the movie ticket. Well, this is one of the movie. Those who haven't watch it, I recommend for you to go.

Although, there is blood all over. Lovin' the stunts so much! It's two thumbs up from me. Plus, this movie pretty much reminded me again why I think sepet-eyed guys is hot. Hahahahaha...uhm, yeah plus the six packs too la.


Okay...dim lights make me feel sleepy. Good nite my darlings!

1 comment:

Frankie said...

Sounds like siok jak Ninja mo p tgk la nnt. Bah palan2 ko kasi kamas bilik ko...bilik sy pun makin lama makin crowded sudah.